For far too long, bras have been the unsung heroes of women’s apparel. They provide essential comfort, support and protection, and yet many manufacturers treat them as afterthoughts. Where is the style? The allure? The detail? Every other aspect of clothing has evolved with time, and yet many manufacturers expect us to wear the same types of bras that our grandmothers wore in generations past. At Smitten Lingerie, we’re committed to changing all of that. We offer an array of seductive bras that translate to any setting, from the most formal to the most intimate. Just explore the wealth of options that we have to offer, and find your perfect style.

Seductive Bras in All Styles

As a female-driven company, Smitten understands what women seek in a bra. First and foremost, you want to feel at ease. The fabric should be soft, lightweight, and pleasing to the touch. Additionally, you want to feel confident. Even if the bra is only visible to you, it should project a sense of beauty, refinement and elegance. The right bra isn’t just attractive; it’s empowering. We share in your frustration for finding the perfect bra, and that’s why our stylists have carefully scoured the collections of leading designers and manufacturers to bring you only the best bras, which adhere to the most stringent standards of quality.

We offer an array of romantic bras and risque bras from top brands like Cosabella. For more than 30 years, Cosabella has been designing and manufacturing the most exquisite intimate apparel on the market, geared toward the discriminating woman who is tired of settling for “just good enough.” In fact, the word cosabella means “beautiful thing,” and the bras on this page are truly things of beauty. As you explore the wide selection, you will see why so many women all across the world trust this esteemed brand.

For women who love the soft sensation of lace, this Never Say Never Dreamie Soft Bra is truly a godsend. With its adjustable straps on delicate fabric, it’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular items in the Cosabella collection. For women seeking the utmost in comfort and support, this Soire New Molded Bra is a guaranteed winner. Featuring double mesh lining and convertible straps, it’s the perfect marriage of style and tranquility.

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What is your wardrobe calling out for? Romantic bras? Risque bras? Something a bit more casual? Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’re certain you can find it in our varied collection of stylish women’s undergarments. If you need any assistance, please contact us by phone at 760.710.7216, or send us an email at Experience comfort and style on a higher level, at Smitten Lingerie.