The bustier is a long-treasured staple of women’s intimate apparel, and Smitten Lingerie is pleased to offer an extensive array of the hottest and most elegant bustiers on the market today. Explore breathtaking fashions from leading brands like Escante and Maison Close, and experience the confidence that emerges when you drape yourself in something that is truly out of this world.

A History of Elegant Bustiers

The modern bustier can be traced back to the 1950s, as designers of women’s undergarments began exploring alternative avenues for style and comfort. The recently invented nylon was fast becoming the preferred fabric for bras, and its flexibility and lightweight nature opened the door for new and exciting possibilities in the world of intimate apparel. The rise of pinup fashion further demonstrated that undergarments didn’t need to be simply functional. They could also be quite fashionable. The bustier emerged from that cross-section of emerging technology and style and in the 21st century, it is more popular than ever before.

Of course, today’s lingerie bustiers are a far cry from the pin-up designs of the ‘50s. They are far sexier, more intricate and more multifaceted, while still paying homage to the classics. Here you will find a wide variety of beautiful bustiers to suit every sensibility, from the modest to the fetishistic. Every piece is meticulously designed to accentuate all the right curves in all the right places, and the soft satin and lace fabrics ensure the highest level of comfort with each wear. Whether you prefer radiant colors or traditional sultry blacks, we’re sure you’ll find the right piece to bring out your most desirable look. With Smitten Lingerie, you never have to settle for second best.  

Shop Our Elegant Bustiers

We work hard to bring you the finest selection of beautiful bustiers. We coordinate with leading stylists who continuously compile the top brands and latest fashions, ensuring that no matter what item you choose, you are guaranteed to look absolutely incredible. Whether you’re hoping to bring a smile to the face of someone special or simply enhance your own confidence, these carefully curated bustiers are guaranteed to do the trick. If you need any assistance, please contact us by phone at 760.710.7216, or send us an email at customerservice@smittenlingerie.com. Our commitment to customer service is unparalleled, and our prices are extremely competitive.

Explore our wide range of irresistible lingerie bustiers, and achieve seductive perfection.