Hauty Lingerie

Hauty is one of the newer players in the lingerie scene, but it has all the intricacy, sophistication and respect of any seasoned brand. With its European-inspired designs and unyielding flair for the bold, Hauty lingerie is made for the fearless woman. If you like to play it safe with traditional stitching that covers plenty of skin, you will probably want to look elsewhere, because this is unapologetically adventurous. But if you’re at least a little curious to explore your darker side, the world of Hauty is waiting for you.

Hauty Lingerie

Take a look around. What do you notice? Chances are, you’re overwhelmed -- and perhaps even entranced -- by the radical stitching, the expressive freedom, and the fetishistic allure. Oh, and did we mention that there is plenty of black? Yes, there are no pink ribbons or cute frills in this collection. If you seek something vintage or conservative, you can find it in one of our other collections, but Hauty lingerie is made for those nights when you really want to turn up the heat. These pieces celebrate the female form by complementing it, accentuating it, and leaving very little to the imagination. There is no need to be shy, because every woman looks amazing in these intricate designs. Satisfy your curiosity today, and see why Hauty is fast becoming one of the leading names in lingerie

Choose from an Array of Styles

At Smitten, we are all about forward-thinking lingerie, and we embrace styles that challenge the traditional conventions of intimate apparel. Take, for instance, this Lace Up Teddy with Gold Chains. This is like no other teddy you have ever seen, but its beauty and symmetry are undeniable. If anyone is so lucky to see you in this one-of-a-kind piece, they will be instantly brought to their knees.

Or picture yourself in this Mini Chemise Dress, featuring the traditional form-fitting grace of an elegant chemise, combined with the jaw-dropping seduction of transparent fishnet stitching. With designs like this, Hauty proves once again that elegance and eroticism are not mutually exclusive. There are many inspired selections to choose from in the Hauty lingerie collection, but the only question that remains is: How adventurous are you willing to be? Remember, it’s okay to satisfy your curiosities.

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Our stylists have worked tirelessly to bring you the ultimate selection of high-quality lingerie, and Hauty is at the peak of style and seduction. Do you need recommendations? Looking for something you can’t quite find? Or maybe you have other questions or inquiries regarding our inventory. If so, please contact us by phone at 760.710.7216 or send us an email at customerservice@smittenlingerie.com. Explore the wide selection of Hauty lingerie and find your favorite new ensemble today.