Maison Close

Since 2006, Maison Close has been pushing the envelope for intimate apparel, with a line of lingerie that is daring, sophisticated, and always on the cutting edge. Though the company prides itself on innovating erotic fashions, its selections range from the ultra-revealing to the stylishly modest. The brand derives inspirations from trendsetters like Helmut Newton and Hans Feurer, and seeks to give women the power to reinvent themselves. At Smitten Lingerie, we offer the hottest Maison Close bras, Maison Close panties, Maison Close bodysuits and much more. Experience the elegance of our exclusive limited edition collection.

The Devil is in the Details

When you shop for Maison Close bras, panties, and other assorted lingerie, you’re getting more than just intimate apparel. You’re obtaining the culmination of meticulous fashion-forward design, high-quality materials, and unparalleled comfort. The stylists at Maison Close recognize that fashion is about more than just looking amazing, and so they take the time to perfect every last detail. The fabrics range from the most exquisite chiffon to the softest satin, and each piece is delicately accented with elegant accessories and a careful finish, providing the ideal crowning achievement to an already luxurious presentation.

From the timeless paintings of Claude Monet to the transcendent novels of Alexandre Dumas, French influence has consistently gifted the world with a sense of culture, class and refinement not found anywhere else. Maison Close continues this tradition with lingerie that exudes unyielding grace and raises the bar for couture. Whether you’re purchasing lingerie solely for your enjoyment, or you’re hoping to share that enjoyment with someone special, we guarantee that you will feel sexy and empowered like never before.

If you’re drawn to revealing attire, you might feel right at home in this Polka Dot Bra and Panty Set, or this Long Sleeve Luxe Bodysuit. If you prefer to look desirable while still leaving a bit to the imagination, you might enjoy this Lace and Chiffon Vintage Bodysuit or this Sand Rose Belted Push-Up Bra and Panty. There are plenty of Maison Close bra-and-panty sets to choose from, and an array of other steamy lingerie essentials, so take your time and look around. We’re always happy to make recommendations if you should need assistance in selecting the perfect ensemble.

Explore the Maison Close Collection

What are you waiting for? These trends aren’t simply meant to be admired. They are meant to be embraced. So order all of your favorites today, and experience confidence on a new level. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at 760.710.7216. Find your new look at Smitten Lingerie, and project true elegance as only the French can provide.