Explore our wide selection of elegant teddies and beautiful bodysuits  and accentuate your gorgeous curves like never before. These carefully curated teddies are crafted for women of all shapes, styles  and persuasions. From the most conservative to the most daring, each piece tells a story. At Smitten Lingerie, we’re committed to bringing you the best and these teddies are sure to make you look and feel incredible.

Beautiful Bodysuits - A History

Teddies have been popular in various forms for nearly a century. The envelope chemises of the 1910s laid the foundation for a sultry one-piece style that would evolve with each new decade, achieving renown among women from all walks of life. Many of today’s popular teddies even harken back to the cozy silk styles of the 1920s and ‘30s, while others are entirely modern.

Luxury Teddies to Fit Your Style

All of our elegant teddies come from top designers, like Maison Close, iCollection, Be Wicked, Escante, Hauty, Cosabella and Heidi Klum, each of which has its own unique interpretation of this classic intimate essential. For instance, do you strive for a classic look, with a vintage Hollywood flair? Then you might check out this Sand Rose Lace & Black Sait Bodysuit from Maison Close. Or perhaps you seek something a bit more adventurous, with breathtaking transparency that leaves little to the imagination. If that’s your style, you may want to take a look at this Lace Halter Teddy from Escante, or this Seamless Lace Teddy and Thong by Hauty.

Find Elegant Teddies at Smitten Lingerie

Smitten Lingerie is about so much more than just selling undergarments. We want to start a revolution, and to help every woman experience a level of allure and self-empowerment that popular beauty magazines have too-long reserved for a privileged few. We truly want you to be excited about your new teddy and your satisfaction is our top priority.

At Smitten Lingerie, we know that sometimes you need a little something sexy for an important, upcoming occasion. That’s why we offer standard and expedited shipping for both domestic and international orders to ensure the on-time arrival of your teddy. If you have any questions, please give us a call today at 760.710.7216 or complete our online form. Shop our online boutique today to find beautiful, high-quality teddies from your favorite brands, specially designed to make you feel like the goddess that you are.